Healthcare services are and have always been highly data-centric - a patient’s medical history,
diagnostic information, treatment pathway.

Today, everything and everyone are increasingly connected - able to capture, receive and share this data through
a vast, interconnected network.

We, at DRiefcase, believe that the next big disruption in the industry, from a technology front,
lies in data management & communication. As digital offerings will define the industry, we aim to bring together systems, processes and people
for improving delivery of care.

We provide patient-centered records online that makes them available instantly and securely. You can choose
to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals and other care-givers. You can also store other important documents, such as insurance
policies in one secure, central location and instantly access them anytime, anywhere using the Internet.


Sohit Kapoor


Harsh Parikh


Kanan Shah

Business Manager

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